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Michele Bachmann warns of potential threat to individual freedoms in WHO-US deal

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The events of the world today have many people wondering how they line up with the prophecies of the Bible. On an episode of Joni Table Talk, host Joni Lamb was joined by Michele Bachmann and Jimmy Evans to discuss how the World Health events line up with the book of Revelation. The conversation was directed towards Christian viewers, and the speakers warned of the dangers of a potential loss of healthcare sovereignty, control, and censorship.

Michele Bachmann, former U.S. Representative, spoke about the potential dangers of the World Health Organization’s proposed amendments. She said, “It’s surveilling every human on earth, tracking and tracing every human on earth, taking our medical records and violating our fourth amendment rights against unreasonable search and seizures.” She further expressed her concerns about the transfer of power to the United Nations and the redistribution of wealth from wealthy countries to other countries that they favor.

Jimmy Evans, the founder of MarriageToday, focused on the financial costs that could arise if the amendments are passed. He mentioned that the director general would have the power to demand that the United States spend money on vaccines and distribute them to other countries. He warned of the potential for the redistribution of wealth and the use of the word “equity” in the documents, which could mean the redistribution of wealth.

The speakers also expressed their concerns about censorship and the obligation of duty to cooperate. They cited an article that stated that signatories agreed to support the official narrative regarding a pandemic and to conduct regular social listening and analysis to identify misinformation. This could lead to censorship and a restriction of free speech.

Michele Bachmann and Jimmy Evans urged viewers to take action by fasting, praying, and calling their senators and representatives to support Representative Andy Biggs’ bill, H.R. 79. The bill aims to remove the United States from the World Health Organization. They also called for people to urge their governments to attend the meeting in Geneva, Switzerland, and say no to giving up their authority and sovereignty over healthcare.

Joni Lamb encouraged viewers to take a stand not only for their own freedoms but for the human rights of those in nations without a voice. She emphasized the importance of knowing Jesus and encouraged viewers to ask him to come into their hearts and lives. She reminded viewers that Daystar TV exists to give them information that can help them know the truth.

In conclusion, the speakers on Joni Table Talk provided Christian viewers with valuable information about the potential dangers of the World Health Organization’s proposed amendments. They emphasized the importance of taking action to protect healthcare sovereignty, control, and free speech. They also reminded viewers of the importance of knowing Jesus and encouraged them to ask him into their hearts and lives. As believers, it is important to stay informed and take a stand for what is right in the face of potential threats to our freedom and sovereignty.

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